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A brighter future, today

Camco is a specialist climate and impact fund manager, leading the transition in emerging markets.

Young boy in Sub-Saharan Africa smiles at camera, surrounded by group of other children
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We’re proud of our achievements in over 30 years of sustainable finance.





9,338 jobs created since 2016, 1,772 held by women


79m tonnes CO2 equivalent abated

$3.6bn funding mobilised


14.9m people with new or improved electricity connections


A river rapid to indicate potential impact of hydropower for clean energy generation in emerging markets

We're bright.

We have spark.

We prioritise people.

Camco’s experienced and diverse team is united by our desire to generate deep impact and invest in a cleaner, more prosperous future.

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Opportunities and risks in the African grid of the future

Ben Hugues, Investment Director and REPP Manager at Camco, looks at why the decentralised and small-scale renewable sector is a smart choice for investment.

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Camco launches technical assistance facility as an accelerator for its REPP 2 debt fund

The new facility aims to accelerate the growth of Sub-Saharan African markets for renewable energy and energy access.

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Camco's latest policy paper is a call to action for policy-makers and financiers and provides recommendations for reducing the financing gap for climate adaptation and mitigation.

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