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Camco at COP27 events

Collaborating for a climate-resilient future: Experiences and perspectives on scaling access to climate finance in emerging markets

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Tuesday 15 November | 15:15 – 16:15 EGY

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Locally Led Adaptation Pavilion (P74, Area C, Blue Zone)

Since the Paris Agreement was signed, there has been a notable change in the public and private sectors’ approaches to realising climate goals in Africa. Where before much of the focus had been on small, largely grant-funded pilot projects, the emphasis now is increasingly on designing and implementing the market-based approaches to financing climate action that are necessary to take proven climate solutions to scale. Many governments are building on experimental programme experiences and taking more ambitious approaches to set their countries on a climate-resilient development path.

In this event, Camco and the Government of Lesotho (GoL) will be teaming up to share their perspectives on what is required to deliver a climate-resilient future for Africa that is also a just future, delivering multiple benefits to local communities.


As a climate and impact fund manager, Camco will draw on its 30+ years of experience financing renewables and working closely with developers and governments on the ground in Africa. As a national government with ambitious climate goals, the GoL will speak of the bigger picture, framing its evolving climate journey in the context of the many development challenges that all LDC governments face.

Specifically, the event will:

  • Present the experience of an LDC government in implementing its NDC goals.

  • Hear from the private sector on what is needed to make the shift in using climate finance to implement first-in-kind projects to mobilising finance at scale.

  • Explore what is meant by successful partnerships and how to achieve them.


  • Ieva Indriunaite, Policy and Partnerships Manager, Camco – Moderator

  • Ben Hugues, Investment Director and REPP Lead, Camco

  • Muso Raliselo, Principal Energy Officer (Energy Planning), Department of Energy, Lesotho Ministry of Energy and Meteorology

  • Nicole Poindexter, CEO, Energicity

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