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Camco at COP27 events

The role of blended finance in driving energy sector development in the Blue Pacific

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Wednesday, 9 November | 12:30 - 14:00 EGY 

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IRENA Pavilion (Blue Zone)

The 2050 Strategy for the Blue Pacific Continent, including its goals for energy sector development, is as inspirational as it is ambitious. But for a region so vast and sparsely populated, with under-developed regulatory frameworks and limited private sector experience in the energy sector, how can it be achieved?


This event is being organised by Camco, the Government of Tonga and IRENA, and will include contributions from policy makers and development partners who, along with Camco, will share their perspectives on what it will take to ensure the successful implementation of this ambitious agenda.


Specifically, the event will:

  • Highlight the role of renewables in the successful implementation of broader renewable energy goals as part of Pacific nations’ NDCs and the Strategy, with a focus on Tonga’s targets as stated in the TERMPLUS 2021-2035.

  • Showcase Camco and its partners’ successes in Africa and Asia and demonstrate why the approaches used there offer a replicable solution for the Pacific region.

  • Discuss strategies and share updates on the ongoing initiatives for mobilising private sector financing to support this agenda.

  • Examine key gaps in the enabling environment and identify solutions.

  • Discuss the importance of developing strong public-private partnerships to support energy sector development.

  • Highlight Camco’s unique TIDES blended facility platform, which has been designed to catalyse private sector investment into renewable energy projects in Tonga and the region, and the Tongan government’s market-building capacity initiative, designed to grow the market capacity needed to ensure Tonga achieves its Rapid Project targets by 2025.


  • Ieva Indriunaite, Policy and Partnerships Manager, Camco (moderator)

  • Geoff Sinclair, Managing Director, Camco

  • Hon. Hu’akavameiliku, Prime Minister of Tonga

  • Amjad Abdulla, Head of Partnerships, IRENA

  • Nicole Iseppi, Director – Global Energy Innovation, Bezos Earth Fund

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