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Camco at COP27 events

Increased climate ambition through cooperation under Article 6.2

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Saturday, 12 November | 11am - 12:30 EGY

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UNDP Pavilion (Blue Zone)

Watch live online on YouTube


The Paris Agreement acknowledges that in order to avoid a climate end game, efforts require climate neutrality by 2050. This demands a fundamental shift in technology, energy, economics, finance and our behaviour as a global society. Ghana, Vanuatu, Ukraine and Switzerland (among a few other countries) have taken bold step to establish voluntary cooperation to drive forward an economic transformation and accelerate the low carbon transition.

Article 6.2 stimulates investments into mitigation activities in Ghana, Vanuatu and Ukraine which yield numerous climate mitigation and sustainable development benefits.

Ghana and Vanuatu will present their first authorised projects and will explain how national Article 6 policies and procedures build a robust basis for successful implementation of carbon projects and thereby providing investors sufficient certainty in the national processes.

The projects presented by Ghana and Vanuatu are the first projects globally that achieved authorisations by host countries. The lessons learned through these first authorised projects will shape the implementation of other carbon projects and inform countries participating in this new UNFCCC mechanism under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.

Ukraine will share their ambitious plans to benefit from targeted financial incentives to achieve a green recovery.

South Pole will present their targeted support through UNDP’s Article 6.2 Transfer Readiness Assistance Project to accelerate the implementation of the first ITMO projects.

Cornell University will highlight the possibilities of cutting-edge knowledge and technology transfer in Article 6.2 projects on the example of the rice project in Ghana. The involvement of academic institutions will deepen the transition to a low carbon society and strengthen host countries’ public and private sector expertise to sustain sustainable development.


  • Geoff Sinclair, Managing Director, Camco

  • Alexandra Soezer, UNDP

  • Alfred Rungol, General Manager, Climate Change and Development Authority Papua New Guinea

  • Daniel Tutu, Ghana

  • Antony Garae, Vanuatu

  • Simone Fellermeyer, Switzerland

  • Mireia Vilaplana, South Pole

  • Erika Styger, Cornell University

  • Ukraine/Astarta (TBC)

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