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KYC instructions

Please have the following ready before entering the verification portal:

  1. A picture in jpeg format of your valid government issued passport with photograph;

  2. A picture in jpeg or pdf format of a document confirming your current address. This should be an original utility bill or bank statement issued in the last three months or driver’s licence. Please note that mobile phone or credit card bills are not accepted. Please make sure the document shows your name and address; and

  3. Be prepared for iComply to complete a liveliness detection scan of your face, using the camera on either your computer or your phone.

Each person using iComply and all directors and UBOs will need to complete the above steps.

If you are completing the KYC check for a legal entity, please also have pdfs for all required supporting documents ready before beginning. If you aren’t completing the KYC check for a legal entity you can skip this section in the portal.

  1. Completed and signed copy of the KYC Form;

  2. Overview of ownership structure (copy);

  3. Proof of shareholding (certified true copy, unless available via a public source);

  4. Certificate of incorporation/trade registry extract (copy);

  5. Articles of association or equivalent (certified true copy, unless available via a public source);

  6. Proof of address of registered office and if different, principal place of business (certified true copy); and

  7. Proof of directorship (a certified true copy, unless available via a public source).

Please only upload one document or file for each item in the list above. You many need to zip various different pages together to do this.


Instructions for submitting documents

A certified true copy is a copy of an original document certified as true, dated and signed by a bank official, chartered accountant, solicitor, notary or other state official.
The following may not certify a copy:

  1. A UBO, board member or any other individual exercising control over the company;

  2. A person in a relationship, related to or living with a person defined above; and

  3. A person working for the company (e.g. an in-house lawyer).

No copies submitted shall be older than 3 months.
All documents submitted shall be clear, legible and of high quality.

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