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Camco details tangible impact in new sustainability report

Camco has launched its first ever annual impact report to demonstrate its contribution to the clean energy transition and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and underlying targets.

The online report, Camco’s Impact in 2020, provides a quantitative overview of Camco’s realised impact against key performance targets, including mitigated greenhouse gas emissions, first-time energy access and the amount of renewable energy capacity installed through assets under management

The report has been produced as an interactive microsite and includes details of Camco’s approach to responsible investment as well as information on its governance structure, investment portfolio and own carbon footprint.

Camco’s Managing Director Geoff Sinclair said: “We often say that sustainability is the driving force behind everything that we do at Camco, from the way it shapes our approach to investing to the way we manage the business and how we work with our partners and clients.

“Publishing this report has given us the opportunity to show that we mean what we say and to demonstrate why we are one of the leading climate and impact fund managers in emerging markets today.”

  • To read the report, visit


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