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Camco’s impact set out in new microsite

Camco Clean Energy has published its latest impact report, detailing its contribution to the clean energy transition and global sustainability objectives.

Camco’s Impact in 2021 provides a comprehensive overview of the company’s impact against key performance targets, both historically and through current assets under management. Highlights include:

  • 82m tonnes of greenhouse gases mitigated

  • 1.6GW of renewable energy capacity

  • 15.5m new or improved electricity connections

  • USD 3.7bn funding mobilised from private and public sector funders

The report includes a focus on Camco’s work and achievements during 2021, which saw many developments both at a company level and through funds under management. It also provides details of Camco’s approach to responsible investment, as well as information on its governance structure, investment portfolio and the company's carbon footprint.

Geoff Sinclair, Camco’s Managing Director, said: “Our latest report describes the impact Camco has delivered as a leader in sustainable finance and on-the-ground value generation over the last three decades.

“We are proud of our achievements to date, but as a climate and impact fund manager we understand that the window of opportunity to ward off irreversible climate change is closing quickly. We therefore remain committed to helping reverse and adapt to climate change, and will continue to work tirelessly to help make that happen.”

To read the report visit

A PDF version of the report is available to download here.


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