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Introducing, Spark Energy Services development partner

It is with great pleasure that we welcome as the latest development partner of our innovative financing platform, Spark Energy Services (Spark) - and the first development partner with operations in Uganda. is a renewable energy developer providing small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in Uganda with bespoke solar energy solutions as a reliable, cheap and sustainable alternative to diesel generators. The company helps hospitals, schools, commercial buildings and SMEs in Uganda solve for the high upfront costs of installing renewable energy at their premises, whilst allowing them to benefit from the lower operating costs associated with these technologies. arranges the installation of the solar power system along with 100% financing at no up-front cost to the business. It then leases the solar equipment to the SMEs so that they can enjoy the clean, affordable, and reliable power produced from the plants at an affordable rate. Projects to date include the financing, installation and commissioning of a 28kWp rooftop solar system at the eco-friendly Aquarius Kigo Resort and a 35kWp rooftop solar system at Yujo Izakaya business community, both in Kampala. The installations are providing clean power for day-to-day activities at both premises, with the business community including a restaurant, café, women-owned handicraft shop, law firm, photo studio and other enterprises. The business community system is also being used to charge the restaurant’s electric vehicle. The Spark team was impressed with’s experienced international team, which between them has worked on more than 330 energy efficiency and renewable energy projects worldwide. We are now looking forward to partnering with to provide financing to enable the company to roll out its extensive pipeline in Uganda.


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