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Request for Proposals for REPP 2 fund services

Camco is seeking Request for Proposals (RfP) for the upcoming REPP 2 fund it has designed to support the fast-growing renewable and decentralised energy sector in Africa.

Through the RfP, qualified firms are invited to submit proposals for various services related to the implementation and ongoing management of REPP 2 in Luxembourg. These services include administration, AIFM (Alternative Investment Fund Manager) and depository services, among others. Firms with experience in impact funds, private debt funds and investments in Sub-Saharan Africa will be particularly favoured.

Proposals should address the full scope of services, include relevant experience, and provide fee quotes based on different fund sizes. The deadline for submission is Friday, 6 October. Evaluation will focus on proposed fees and relevant experience, with potential negotiations and re-submissions at Camco's discretion.

To submit your proposal, or for more information, please email Benjamin Hugues, REPP 2 Manager, at


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