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Coastal Bottlers, Kenya - Phase 3

Bottling company turns focus on energy efficiency

One of Kenya’s oldest bottling companies is reaping the benefits of a major energy efficiency retrofit as the latest phase in a series of sustainability upgrades at its manufacturing plant and head office.

As part of the energy efficiency retrofit, Safi Power implemented multiple technologies to lower client Coastal Bottlers Ltd's overall energy consumption and further reduce its costs and emissions. These ranged from installing low-energy lighting and variable speed drives to motor replacements and thermal efficiency measures.

Nairobi-based Safi Power has also implemented several improvements to enhance the reliability of the company's power supply, even in the absence of the grid. These include the installation of a new 55kWh battery storage system and an uninterrupted power system (UPS), as well integrating a PV-generator controller to maximise the use of the existing 475kWp rooftop solar PV. 

Coastal Bottlers’ energy efficiency overhaul was the fourth project Spark had collaborated on with Safi Power as of February 2024, and the second energy efficiency project funded through the platform following a pilot project carried out at Nairobi’s Brookhouse School by Energy Saving Solutions Limited in 2022.

Are you a business in Africa's C&I sector looking to take control of your energy future with solar power? Contact us to find out how Spark and our development partners can help provide you with a tailor-made renewable energy solution.

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