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St Johns Wood, South Africa

Solar project counters impact of loadshedding for multi-tenant apartment block in South Africa

A new rooftop solar PV and battery storage system is providing tenants of a 54-unit apartment block in Gauteng, South Africa, with welcome relief against the impact of loadshedding.

The 110kWp solar PV installation at the St Johns Wood residential complex, which is coupled with a 160kWh battery system, was carried out by Zero Point Energy (Pty) Ltd and partially funded through an initial disbursement from Spark Energy Services (Spark).

Before the work was recently completed, the occupants of the complex in Killarney – like most South Africans – had to put up with frequent interruptions to their energy supply due to ongoing loadshedding.

By having electricity generated on site the occupants are not only able to take advantage of a clean and competitively priced power supply when the grid is available, but also have access to a back-up supply when the grid supply is restricted.

The installation is the first operational project completed under the financing agreement between Spark and Zero Point Energy, one of the leading up and coming renewable energy providers in South Africa. The solar panels are expected to avoid 96 tonnes of CO2 equivalent annually.

Impact figures


kWp installed renewable energy capacity


tCO2e avoided per annum


MWh of renewable energy generated per annum


Reduction in end-users' costs (electricity)

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