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Camco on COP27

23 November 2022

For the second year running, Camco teamed up with ESI Africa to deliver regular insights, commentary and interviews from on the ground at the climate talks, as well as providing additional updates and analysis via our social media networks.

Below is a round-up of our core comms activity throughout COP27. You can read more on our LinkedIn page here too. To find out more about Camco's COP team, our key focus areas for the conference and the dozen side-line events we took part in, click here.


Op-eds and announcements


COP27 logo
Video of Camco MD Geoff Sinclair talking from COP27 about what implementation means in COP27 language
Video of Camco’s Policy and Partnerships Manager Ieva Indriunaite at COP27 providing an update on the climate finance discussions
Video of Camco’s Ieva Indriunaite and Karl Upston-Hooper providing an update on week one negotiations at COP27
In this video, Camco’s Ieva Indriunaite interviews Mary Maalu, General Manager of Corporate Affairs at KenGen, on the Intersection between gender and energy (filmed at COP27)
Camco's General Counsel Karl Upston-Hooper provides virtual tour of COP27 (video)
Video showing Camco’s Ben Hugues and Brian Wambani talking about the financing mitigation and adaptation at COP27
Radio New Zealand logo
Connecting gender mainstreaming and climate change interventions at COP27 – Camco's Ieva Indriunaite interviews Aina-Maria Iteta from the Namibia Environmental Investment Fund and the UNFCCC gender focal point
Camco's Karl Upston-Hooper interviews Dirk Forrister, President & CEO for International Emissions Trading Association
Video showing Camco's Karl Upston-Hooper providing reflections on COP27
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