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Together, we can do this.


Camco works together with a range of partners, all of which seek the prospect of a brighter future. 

Image by Vitor Paladini

Your future, funded

By providing both practical advice and financial support, we give you the space to think ahead and dream big.

Put our power behind your purpose

With our support, you can stay laser-focused on your goals, while we give you the support, structure and money - debt or equity - to boost your impact.

Get equipped to go the distance

We’ll set you up with the practical tools to stay agile in the unpredictable journey ahead, and resilient to bumps in the road.

We’ll support and connect you

You’ll become a part of our community of renewable energy experts, innovators, thought leaders and investors, who share your vision and can support you in reaching it.


Secure clean returns

For investors who recognise the potential of clean energy, Camco offers impact investing from a position of security and dexterity, supporting projects that generate financial, social and environmental returns.

Master a burgeoning market

We’ll help you tap into this lucrative market, identifying authentic projects with high potential, mitigating risk and aligning with local policy.

Count on our extensive experience

Our history of on-the-ground value generation and decades of experience in sustainable finance allow us to originate, assess and manage projects so that returns naturally follow.

Tap into a brighter future

We generate the right kind of returns by investing in impactful, future-proof projects that will remain strong as the world transitions to clean energy, and will thrive in our brighter future.


Join us at the edge

We’re leading thought and building momentum in the transition to a brighter future.

The transition needs more leaders

We’re leading the transition to renewable energy, and the more momentum we can all build, the more obstacles we can overcome together.

Experience true impact

Our success stories are opportunities to learn and be inspired, with rich data that identifies authentic impact.

Together, we can do this

Our track record shows that the future we imagine is possible.  We welcome your participation, which will add power and pace to the transition.

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