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REPP 2 Eligibility Checklist


Solar up to 25MW, potentially 25-50MW
Hydro up to 25MW
Battery storage (with proven renewable source of energy) up to 25MW
C&I over 10MW


Off-grid (mini-grids, isolated grids, solar home systems)
On-grid (small IPPs, hybrid off-take)

Development stage

Late-stage development (post-permitting)
Early- to mid-stage development (through Technical Assistance Facility) 


Senior debt
Subordinated debt
Hybrid equity (convertible notes, redeemable shares)

Regional focus

Sub-Saharan Africa


Hard currency lending (USD, EUR)
Limited local currency lending (ZAR, CFA franc, xx)

Developer’s track record

Established track record in the country or region of operation (XXMW installed)
Historical ARPU and/or PPA data required

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