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Technical Assistance Facility

The REPP 2 Technical Assistance Facility (REPP 2 TAF) aims to help scale up Africa’s small and medium-scale distributed renewable energy development by working with developers and investors to overcome the many challenges of successful project design and implementation.

Using an ecosystem approach, the REPP 2 TAF is designed to address the needs of all key stakeholders identified as having a critical role in catalysing sector growth. It provides a comprehensive support package, is adaptable and puts the long-term sustainability of technical assistance outcomes at the forefront.

Three pillars of the REPP 2 TAF

Pillar 1: SME growth and project development accelerator

Early-stage project preparation funding to de-risk project development and capacity building activities to make the sector more inclusive and accelerate growth. This is expected to lead to more skilled and experienced local SMEs and project developers.

Pillar 2: Gender equity



Targeted support to earlier-stage female entrepreneurs who are not yet ready for REPP 2 financing and SMEs that offer products or services specifically designed to address the needs of female customers. This supports REPP 2's comprehensive strategy for achieving 2X alignment.

Pillar 3: Enabling environment and knowledge mobilisation

Targeted advocacy initiatives, strengthened public-private dialogue and knowledge sharing to improve the enabling environment for renewable energy development and investment.

Supporting gender equity

REPP 2 is committed to supporting gender equity in Sub-Saharan Africa’s distributed renewable energy (DRE) sector and at least 30% of its investments will align with the 2X Gender Lens Investing (GLI) criteria

Pillar 2 of the REPP 2 TAF goes further in addressing the gender gap with more targeted action. It will provide:

  • Targeted technical assistance to female DRE entrepreneurs, creating an ecosystem within the DRE market in Sub-Saharan Africa in which female-owned/led companies can grow successfully. The objective is to accelerate these businesses and to support their investment-readiness for REPP 2 Fund. 

  • Proof-of-concept grants to female-led companies and other companies in the REPP 2 pipeline who are seeking funding for pilot products and services that target female customers.

REPP 2 TAF support is available to companies and projects in the REPP 2 investment pipeline. For the eligibility criteria, see here.

REPP 2 TAF is funded by:

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