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Accelerating market development


Camco designs and manages bespoke market development facilities to address market gaps that hinder capital mobilisation and support the implementation of our investment mandates.

We collaborate with development partners and funders, using our combined experiences and expertise to co-create market development programmes.

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REPP 2 Technical Assistance Facility


Africa’s small and medium-scale distributed renewable energy (DRE) sector is being held back by the myriad challenges to successful project design and implementation being faced by developers and investors, particularly in less developed markets.


The REPP 2 technical assistance facility (TAF) acts as an accelerator to on-grid and off-grid companies, helping them advance towards investment readiness for the REPP 2 fund while also contributing to the development of bankable regulatory frameworks and supporting gender equity in the DRE market.

With a holistic and adaptable strategy, supported by its partnership with the REPP 2 fund, the TAF works to catalyse finance mobilisation for a vibrant DRE market in Africa, contributing to the development of the African grid of the future. 

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Spark Technical Assistance Facility


Spark Energy Services (Spark) is working with local developers to revolutionise access to renewable energy for commercial and industrial clients and significantly scale up the use of energy efficiency solutions.

A new dedicated TAF, currently in the fundraising phase, has been designed to:


  • Help Spark’s development partners scale their operations by working with them to build investible project pipelines, strengthen their in-house capabilities and expand into new sectors (e.g. energy efficiency) and markets.

  • Support knowledge development and increase market awareness of the benefits of renewable energy and energy efficiency as a catalyst for locally-led green growth.

  • Support high-impact clients in critical service sectors, including healthcare, education, water and agriculture, by using catalytic grant funding to de-risk – and thereby mobilise commercial capital for - projects to provide a reliable energy supply to these sectors. 


TIDES Market Development Facilities

Camco has designed the TIDES Market Development Facilities (MDFs), which are currently in the fundraise phase, as a comprehensive framework to address nascent renewable energy and energy efficiency market needs in the Pacific region. Three MDFs, together with the TIDES investment fund, form a holistic market development solution to address the region’s skills, knowledge, viability and affordability gaps:

  • Technical assistance facility – to support renewable energy developers towards investment readiness for the TIDES investment fund.

  • Results-based grant facility – to help close the viability gap for mini-grid development in the region, helping private developers reach last-mile customers at an affordable cost and supporting Pacific Island governments in successfully achieving SDG7 and providing energy access for all.

  • Development loan facility - to provide critical financial support to early-stage project development for local companies, thereby addressing the challenge of securing high-risk capital in the initial phases.

The MDFs will support the deployment of the TIDES investment fund, jointly enabling capital mobilisation and a rapid scale up of renewable energy development in the region.

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