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Coastal Bottlers, Kenya - Phase 1

Spark refinances early-stage solar installation at Coca-Cola bottling plant 

Spark Energy Services has refinanced a 75kWp rooftop solar PV installation at one of Kenya’s oldest bottling plants, freeing up capital for sustainable energy developer Safi Power to invest back into commercial and industrial energy project development. 

Under the arrangement, Coastal Bottlers’ energy services contract with Safi Power has been transferred to Renewable Safi Power International Projects Limited, a special purpose vehicle set up between Spark and Safi Power to enable Spark to provide 100% upfront funding for Safi Power’s projects. 


Coastal Bottlers has been operating for the last 60 years and works under a license of Coca Cola. The 75kWp installation marked the first of four planned phases to install both captive renewable energy and energy efficiency equipment at the plant after the company employed Nairobi-based Safi Power to identify and implement ways to reduce its carbon emissions and streamline operating costs. 


The first phase installation at Coastal Bottlers’ plant near Mombasa was commissioned in August 2020 and is providing approximately 115MWh of clean energy per year, which is being used to help run the company’s administrative block and wastewater treatment plant.

The second phase was completed in October 2022 and involved a much larger, 400kWp solar PV installation on the roof of one of Coastal Bottlers’ PET production lines. It was carried out by Safi Power again, but with construction funding from Spark. Find out more about the project here

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Impact figures


kWp installed renewable energy capacity


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