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Camco's perspectives, reports and other publications

Camco on COP27: Round-up of op-eds, videos and other comms activity during the conference

Camco on COP27:
Young voices

Talking Points: Chris Kanini, Winch Energy

The energy access challenge in the Pacific [part two]
By Paul Makumbe

Unlocking the potential of energy efficiency solutions for African businesses
By Adam Fitzwilliam

The rise of energy efficiency and captive solar in Sub-Saharan Africa
Interview with Adam Fitzwilliam

Camco at COP26 - reflections from the conference

Talking Points: Caroline Frontigny, upOwa

Insights on 2X’ing gender lens investing - Interview with Laura Lahti

Why scaling investments in small-scale DRE is critical for Africa’s clean energy future
By Ben Hugues

Why COP27 is so important to Africa’s future
By Geoff Sinclair

Decarbonising clean energy financing [podcast]
With Geoff Sinclair and Ieva Indriunaite

Under review: the GCF's private sector strategy
With Karl Upston-Hooper

International Women's Day hails link between women and sustainability
By Geoff Sinclair

Managing adaptation risk - COP26 follow up

Sustainability and climate finance today
Interview with Camco MD Geoff Sinclair

Op-Ed: Gender mainstreaming is core to the future of RE businesses
By Laura Lahti

Inclusive investments: How REPP-supported projects are promoting gender equality
By Laura Lahti

Why gender matters in the fight against climate change
By Laura Lahti

Driving energy sector development in the Blue Pacific
By Paul Makumbe

How to make women a driving force in SIDS’s clean energy development
By Ieva Indriunaite

The energy access challenge in the Pacific [part one]
By Paul Makumbe

Shining the light on women! 
By Laura Lahti

Interrogating Kenya’s draft mini-grid regulations

Talking Points: Karl Boyce, ARC Power

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